A Rigged Twist of Fate

Oil Rigging

A coastal journey on the shores of California turns into a bumpier ride: the vehicles shut down on the highway. There’s nothing wrong with their engines, they simply won’t start. The Scions resign to spend the night in Eureka, the nearest town. As another of their kin is found in the same dire straits – footed with a broken car, an Aztec Scion by the name of Danae – the PCs realize their sudden bad luck with vehicles might not be entirely random.

Suicidal Tendencies

Unmasking the mole is easier than expected as it turns out that one of Yuliya’s oldest friend was selling intel to the Titans.
It looks like Scions can take a break but the LVPD Detective Houston phones Elizabeth as she’s leaving for Texas to ask if she can check up on his sister Rachel, a rookie journalist holed up in Blackwater, Washington. According to the detective, she hasn’t called him for three days and last he heard from her she was going to write an article about Blackwater’s forests, where many would commit suicide over the years.

Little Red Riding Scions
...and the Wolf.

Once again, Leo must rely on the Scions to handle some of his own business down at the Ashcroft Foundation. His ways of summoning them get weirder by the hour: an office would appear just out of nowhere in front of the Scions, a not so subtle invitation to listen to his task. As if the life of a Scion isn’t a ton of fun already, the PCs step into the portal and find themselves in Vancouver, Canada.

School's Out
or maybe not.

As if waking up in the middle of a terrible hangover, Scions Elizabeth, Marty and Abigail open their eyes inside a school bus that seemingly crashed in the middle of nowhere – truth to be told, that “nowhere” is also known as the Mojave Desert, not far from California. No one can explain how they got there; Abigail is as far as she can humanly think from her natural British habitat. Yet, as Scions, weird things happen all the time so after a brief introduction the three try to figure out what’s going on. The driver is dead; his spirit tells Marty they weren’t supposed to be on the vehicle. Last thing he remembers is a big car ramming into the school bus then his skull cracked on the steering wheel. Also, the kids are missing: their backpacks are still in the bus.


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