A Rigged Twist of Fate

Oil Rigging

A coastal journey on the shores of California turns into a bumpier ride: the vehicles shut down on the highway. There’s nothing wrong with their engines, they simply won’t start. The Scions resign to spend the night in Eureka, the nearest town. As another of their kin is found in the same dire straits – footed with a broken car, an Aztec Scion by the name of Danae – the PCs realize their sudden bad luck with vehicles might not be entirely random.

They try to find some rest in a motel. Truth to be told, they’re able to sleep some hours before a man comes knocking at their door. His name is Khaled and claims to be a Triton, offspring of Poseidon; he sensed the Scions and sought their help to deal with a serial killer who’s targeting fellow Tritons hiding in Eureka. The killer cuts his victims in half and the lower part is always missing from the crime scenes. Khaled shows to be a Triton transforming into one. He stays for the night, sleeping in the water-filled tub.
Before dawn, an explosion wakes up the Scions. The motel’s owner is dead, cut in half with surgical precision. There is no apparent weapon around, nor is it possible to come up with an acceptable explanation: the cut is clean as if a gigantic scalpel’s been used. Minutes after the grim discovery, a fire erupts from the nearby storage facility. The PCs rush to the place and save three workers from the flames. FBI and local police then show up; the Bureau is there to investigate on the serial killer. Mendoza, their official, is well aware of the Scions’ moves since their first mission together in Nevada. He’s friendly, but, though collaborative, his information is of no help. Scouting the facility reveals traces of petroleum on a wall. The Scions ask about a nearby oil rig and discover that the Poseidon Oil has a subsidiary company in Eureka; Khaled says that Poseidon Oil is also trying to protect the Tritons. Before entering their offices in town, an Italian employee, Alessandro, greets them and offers to help and explain what’s really going on.
As predicted, the cars didn’t break: instead, it was Poseidon himself that forced the Scions to stop by Eureka to help his offspring, Tritons and Sirens. They’re tangled in an underwater war with Titanspawns but the odds are against them. A much bigger and more lethal Titanspawn is being fed beneath the oil rig, while its avatar – possibly the serial killer – hunts down and kills the amphibian creatures of the sea. Khaled is one of the last surviving Tritons and the Scions must use him as a bait to lure out the killer. They choose a ghost town not far from Eureka and set up their ambush. However, it is the Titanspawn to get the upper hand. The Scions are able to destroy its avatar but a mysterious woman shows up to resurrect the monster, which is made entirely of petroleum and black magic. The ghost town turns into a blazing inferno: the PCs must fight from the roofs to avoid being burned down to death. Kayleen and Jake are knocked out for good; Reiko and Elizabeth must then rush a lucky escape from the town after recovering Khaled before the monster can kill him. The Titanspawn’s avatar chases them to the highway. Elizabeth gets out of the car to attract its attention and shut down the oil pipeline that’s fueling the creature. With Reiko’s help, the two succeed before the monster can even set foot in Eureka.
The next step is to disable the oil rig, some miles away from the shore. The rig is owned by the Darksea Company, which is a covert operation run by the woman spotted in the ghost town, a Scion of Surtr, the Nordic Titan of fire. Alessandro gives the PCs a motorboat to reach the oil rig and they leave at night. Some human mercenaries are all that stand before them and the drill that’s feeding the Titanspawn; they are no match for the Scions who then climb up to the control room. Again, they meet with the nameless woman who binds them down with a spell. Elizabeth, being the loudmouth she is, taunts the woman until she threatens to retaliate hurting her wife Naira – which is enough for Elizabeth to pull the trigger. Before dying, the woman attempts to hurt Wyatt Earp’s Scion but seems to fail. The PCs are now free to turn off the oil rig but some underwater mines explode. They flee to the shore as the structure collapses.
Alessandro is there with Yuliya – the latter explains that the Poseidon Tech is secretly part of the much bigger Ashcroft Foundation. The woman Elizabeth killed is not really dead; she’ll be back but at least the Scions have thwarted yet another attempt at awakening Fenrir and can finally take a well-deserved break. Elizabeth flies back to El Paso, Kayleen is set to return in NYC; Yuliya offers Jake and Reiko a job at the Ashcroft Foundation, which they are forced to take for neither of them is American and they’re going to need a visa very soon.



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