S&W Model 500

a.k.a Sue

weapon (ranged)

Relic (3) – SPD: 4; ACC +1; DMG +7L(P); RNG 50; Clip: 5

  • Unlocks the War Purview
  • Curse: if stolen, the thief is doomed to become a Ghost Rider, a damned soul forever chasing the Devil’s Herd in the skies of America, unless he returns the gun to its legitimate owner within seven hours from the theft

Shortly before Elizabeth’s Visitation, Wyatt Earp reforged an existing S&W Model 500 using parts of one of his old guns, a Colt M1873.
The outcome is a Relic which looks exactly as its ordinary counterpart, yet some modifications have been made to augment performance: bullets fly faster (635m/s) and the muzzle energy is around 4.4kj. Also, firing is slightly faster and more accurate.
The nickname “Sue” is from the song “A Boy Named Sue” by Shel Silverstein; Johnny Cash performed and recorded it live in San Quentin prison (1969).

S&W Model 500

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